Nadine does Little Tokyo

Check out this 2 minute video of my walking tour in Little Tokyo at


Filmed by the talented Daniel Baer, the itinerary included:

  • air market – Japanocentric shop dedicated to all things cute – 97 3rd Ave (12th/13th)
  • Jas Mart – Supermarket just like in Japan – 35 Saint Mark’s Place
  • Otofuku – Tiny restaurant serving takoyaki, grilled octopus balls (no octopuses don’t have balls you sick mind) – 236 East 9th St (2nd/3rd)
  • Panya – Japanese bakery known for their green tea tiramisu – 10 Stuyvesant St (3rd Ave/9th St)
  • Giant Robot – Books, toys, pop culture fabulousness – 437 East 9th St (1st/A)

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