Fashion & Photography

See The Decline of Fashion Photography. An argument in pictures.

One comment made is that many fashion photographers today aren’t photographers to begin with. I’ve been taking B&W photography class at FIT, which I found extremely helpful in learning the basics. I hope it will reflect in my photos.

Hotel Tugu Bali

In the late 90’s Architectural Digest did a story on the Hotel Tugu in Bali. I clipped the article and saved it for years in hopes of going there one day. In October 2002, I booked a trip to stay there. Then the terrorist bombings occurred two days before I was scheduled to go, so naturally I canceled the trip.
In 2005, I finally did go to Bali and visited the Tugu, a lovely resort covered with Indonesian antiques. This picture was taken in one of the hotels 10 pavilions.
Reposted from the mirror project.