Scotch and sirloin

Had dinner and drinks (and drinks and drinks) with godfather, Bob, last night at the ‘Bayside’, a shack of a restaurant with an $11.95 Monday night sirloin steak special. It is a very homey, local place with a clientele consisting mostly of large guys with construction boots, baseball caps, and moustaches.
I had begun to forget just how much food is served in American restaurants. When I first moved to Japan, I thought the country was conspiring to slowly starve me by serving dinky sized portions (Obviously I haven’t wasted away, and I have grown to appreciate the smaller meals). Now by comparison, American portions seem obnoxiously monstrous.
American’s weight problem was once blamed on too much fat in the diet, then too much carbs. I have a brilliant idea: it’s too much food. (Before you go calling the US a country of fatties, other countries’ obesity rates don’t trail the US by much).
The “salad bar” in front of video games at the Bayside. An ad for Genesee beer, referred to as ‘piss water’ by some Canadians, hangs overhead.
P.S. I’ll be back in Tokyo next week.


Pumpkin, one of my mother’s two dachshunds. Later today we will spike his hair into a green Mohawk, but the horns look below is also quite nice.


Check out this piece of dog-related comedic brilliance, Punchie and Pikachu. Quicktime required. Slightly sick and long loading but so worth it.

Suburban life

I have just come home to my parent’s in suburbia, USA. I am thrilled to be in a place where cloths come in my size, 2 lb lobsters are purchased in a place called ‘the Lobster Shack,’ and the dogs follow you around demanding their ‘pup-peroni.’ Below is a photo composite of pictures taken with my new Optio S digi, which is just fabulous. Sweet!