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Gwen Stefani’s new flash site might have “A Fatal Attraction to Cuteness”, but I have a fatal attraction to its usability. The graphics are amazing, but the site navigation leaves something to be desired.launch

Check out the section “Harajuku Girls” to see videos and pictures of Gwen’s infamous back-up dancers Love, Angel, Music, and Baby.

The stylish and accessible line of fashion and accessories is located under The Goods where you can find the Cuteness Tank. Totally Kawaii!

Halloween Harajuku

Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I’ offer some tips for dressing up as a Harajuku girl.

There are two main archetypes: the Gothic and the Lolita.

For the Lolita-look dress in white and pink. Wear a wide knee length skirt preferably with ruffles and lace and a blouse with ruffles, lace, and/or bows. Add some while socks and platform shoes. Use white face make-up, pink lips, eyes lined in black, and a lace dollie in the hair or a large bow. Wear your hair in ringlets or a wig with ringlets or a pink wig.

For the Gothic thing think patent leather, buckets, black lace, and net. A wide knee length skirt in black with ruffles and a blouse with ruffles, lace, and/or bows, Knee-socks in black and white stripes, platform shoes, and wear a cross. Black straight-haired wig, mini top hat. Paint your face white, black eye liner, black lips, and a tear painted in black down one cheek.

With either look it is best to carry a cute stuffed animal dressed just like you. Totally kawaii!

You can buy the looks here for gajillion dollars, but with some creativity I know you can create the look on your own. What I have seen recently in Zara and H&M was very Harajuku: ruffles and lace. I am sure other stores will have some of the right things.

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Harajuku, defying the authority

Years ago in Harajuku the rockabilly scene was all the rage, dying out partly due to a governmental crackdown on noise pollution. Offenders were occasionally hauled down to the police station and forced to sign a form that says, ‘sorry.’

Last year a new licensing program was put in place (with government-run auditions). Now street performers are back, this time with a more 60’s Beatles/Stones influenced aesthetic.
In Harajuku, a street rocker in the background with a white guitar (love it!) and the sweatshirt in the foreground with a fine bit of Japlish: I will take my thing …certainly someday.