Prada Tokyo

As promised, photos of the new Prada Tokyo store. Below reflective knee length pants hang in front of white fur jacket.


Just right

Tokyo-style is not only about being a fashion victim. This girl, in her white cowboy boots, stripped skirt (and “matching” boyfriend also in pointy-toed cowboy boots), is kawaii in all the right ways: style with a sense of humor. And, here’s another example of Aoyama casual chic. She is pure elegance.


Just wrong

I am in a bad mood today so I feel like being bitchy. Below are two “Glamour don’ts“.

Never is it okay to wear bunny-fur slippers with black stockings nor white sandals with black knee-highs. It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong. The bunny girl also wears a red jean skirt (too tight) over black jeans.

wrongshoe01 wrongshoe02

Asian inspiration

One thing I was surprised to find on this trip to New York was just how big the Asian trend was. Everywhere, from the big designers, to chains, to boutiques, were Chinese collar blouses and skirts and tops cut from antique kimono.

Until recently Japanese designers rarely ‘reinvented’ the kimono (or so I’ve read but can’t find the source). Now it seems like what originated in Japan, then made re-fashionable in the west, has inspired the trend back in Japan (often in a far more comical way as in this
Japanese Streets photo). Or is it the western designers who are capitalizing on the trends created by Japan’s youth?

Bright red Chinese tops displayed in the Prada store in Soho.


Two Prada’s and a Miu Miu

Just back in Tokyo from New York, where I, of course, got some fabulous shoes including two Prada’s from the Barney’s sale and the Miu Miu’s featured in the photo below. I also brought back a fair amount of merchandise from J Crew, French Connection, Banana Republic, as well as magazines, CD’s and the Sex and the City 4th season DVD. Sixth (and final) season begins this Sunday.


I will post pictures of highlights including the Prada store in Soho, which in my opinion, pales in comparison to the new Tokyo store.

Aoyama casual chic

These girls and guys exemplify “Aoyama casual chic.” The girls walk in step wearing tight hip-hugger jeans and stappy sandals with tiny heals. The guys sport loose un-tucked tops and cool sunglasses.


Brand worship

Some say schools in Japan teach kids “how to be Japanese” more than anything else. I have discovered that brand worship may be part of that education and learned from a very young age.

I was on Omotesando last week and saw a teacher lead a class of nursery school aged children to the Gucci shop window. As they eagerly peered in, the teacher pointed and spoke. I can only imagine what she was saying “look children, this is Gucci, a very important designer. when you grow up, be a good Japanese citizen by spending all of your disposable income on luxury brands like Gucci”

Gucci shop window on Omotesando. This season Gucci as well as other designers have reinterpreted the kimono (see Gucci’s Spring 2003 collection, ready to wear).




The lights are on

The lights have gone on in the Prada store under construction in Aoyama. When will it open? And, more importantly, how do I get an invite to the opening party?!?! If anyone knows, please send the details to me.

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