Tokyo Fashion Update: Spring 2008

I have been desperate to do an update on Tokyo street fashion. The look this season is all about the legs. Long gone are the bright colored outfits of the ganguro and while Lolita is still important it doesn’t influence mass fashion to the extent it once did. Outfits are quite bland, but from the knee down the action happens. Either bright colored stockings: hot pink, purple, yellow (as if they took a highlighter to their legs) or black thigh high socks with white, neon yellow, or neon pick patent leather shoes. Shoes include thorough scuffing.
On the other hand, it is the guys who have it this season. Think James Dean meets Sid Vicious: spiky hair, skinny jeans, studded belt, boots. Tragically hip and way too cool for school.
too cool for school

The Cult of the Luxury Brand

The Cult of the Luxury Brand, a fabulous book on Asian’s obsession with luxury goods, will showcase this photo of mine.


Well almost, unfortunately my photo lost out to an image from sushicam. Still, the writers were nice enough to send me a copy of the book anyway. Thank you! I hope it will help answer just how the Japanese can account for over one third of Louie Vuitton sales. Amazingly, I never succumbed to the LV “measles,” describes in the book as “everyone has to get it eventually.” Bravo on some brilliant insights!


Bapexclusive in Aoyama

Wallpaper*, the hipper than thou design mag, seems to have made Japan their pet destination with a large portion of each issue dedicated to all that is cool in Tokyo. The December/January 2006 issue covers the Wonderwall revamped Bapexclusive store in Aoyama.
A Bathing Ape trainers revolve on a conveyer belt like all you can each sushi.
The store can be found behind Prada at 5-5-8, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo (map).
Also, check out the official Bape site which has a flash app with Bape related information.

Milo Store

The Milo Store, part of the BAPE empire, sells next to nothing, a few figures and pins here and there, but it’s the WonderWall designed shop itself that makes it worth a visit. Milos everywhere, standing still or riding horsies. A must-see Tokyo attraction.
3-30-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku


Adidas Super Bape Star

Last year Adidas teamed up with Yohji Yamamoto (collection Y3), and this year they’re keeping it fresh together with Nigo. Despite the fact that Nigo and A Bathing Ape for long have been copying Adidas for their own shoebrand Bapesta, they now get the chance to remix the original material and create the Adidas Super Bape Star. Limited edition: 500 per style worldwide.


Submitted by TS guest blogger: Jesper Larsson of teefactory.

Gucci feather dress

I took this photo of a feather dress at Gucci on Omotesando, followed very shortly by…


… “the act of photography is strictly prohibited” gesture. Gagillion yen Gucci kimono for men are on display in the background.


Brand penetration

In the war of Louis Vuitton versus Prada, who would win?

Well in Japan it’s Vuitton with almost complete penetration of the market. Of Tokyo twenty-somethings, 94.3% own something from Louis Vuitton, but only 57.5% from Prada (Saison Research Institute).

In an article on luxury goods, one young Tokyo-ite offers this explanation as to why the Japanese are brand crazy: “Wearing any kind of brand makes you feel… good.” Oh, that explains it.

Louis Vuitton window display in Omotesando.