Japanese artists exhibit in Chelsea

Photography, fashion, Japanese land & cityscapes. I loved Izima Kaoru’s large-scale, ultra-saturated photographs that portray death of super-models.
Von Lintel Gallery, 555 West 25th St., between 10th-11th Ave.

Yoshitomo Nara’s menacing cartoonish children and animals make me smile.
Marianne Boesky, 535 West 22nd St., near 10th Ave.
Both through 10/8/05.

nara01 nara02 nara03
Also check out Nara’s Too Young To Die Ashtray and Oh! My God! I Miss You  booklet of 30 Postcards.

Restaurant as performance art

At restaurants in Japan, patrons are generally greeted with shouts of “irrashaimase”(welcome) with the same amount of gusto as fans at a hockey game. (A trend catching on in New York at places such as En and Matsuri). One of the highlights of my last trip to Tokyo was an evening at Inakaya, the perfect embodiment of restaurant as performance art, where the shouting didn’t stop at the door. It is a place where hotels send visiting movie stars and no surprise as it is hard to get out of there for less than $150 per person. A country-style grill, the raw ingredients are laid out in front of you to choose from, and the grill-meisters prepare and pass the food to you on wooden pizza paddles.

Birthday in style

I celebrated my birthday at the Hyatt Shinjuku, where Lost in Translation was filmed. My friends gave me a white feather boa and “Happy Birthday” balloons. I felt like a movie star walking through the hotel with my feather boa. I took this picture reflected in one of the balloons on the way home in the cab.
Reposted from the mirror project.

Hotel Tugu Bali

In the late 90’s Architectural Digest did a story on the Hotel Tugu in Bali. I clipped the article and saved it for years in hopes of going there one day. In October 2002, I booked a trip to stay there. Then the terrorist bombings occurred two days before I was scheduled to go, so naturally I canceled the trip.
In 2005, I finally did go to Bali and visited the Tugu, a lovely resort covered with Indonesian antiques. This picture was taken in one of the hotels 10 pavilions.
Reposted from the mirror project.