Back in Japan

I am in Japan for a visit. It is 4 years, almost to the day, since I left after living here for 3 years. I covered a number of my very important to do’s:
– Sushi at Gonpachi
– Ramen
Onsen (spa baths)
Took a visit to Koyasan (Mount Koya), famous for its temples and shrines. We stayed in a temple with monks, called Fukuchi in, tatami floors, no furniture except for a low table with a heater underneath, and one of those massage chairs. Vegetarian meals or “shojin ryori” were served in the room and included about 20 different dishes (who knew fiddlehead fern could be prepared in so many ways), many the consistency of raw egg white, others cubes of aspic shaped like lego, but most of which delicious. Breakfast was pretty much the same as dinner.

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