UNIQLO holiday shop

UNIQLO, known as the Gap of Japan (if there was ever a question even their logos look similar), has opened a temporary holiday store in SoHo at 76 Greene Street between Spring and Broome. The store is open through 1/31/06.

gap uniqlo

3 thoughts on “UNIQLO holiday shop

  1. it’s more like an old navy than a gap. the prices are soooo cheap!
    (btw…if u like japan, u might like my blog. i live about an hour and a half from tokyo, and i go there often. i took pix of the snow in shibuya yesterday and posted them 🙂

  2. UniGLO is great if you ask me. It’s wicked hard to find clothes my size in Japan so the fact that they carry XL was like an epiphany!

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