Halloween Harajuku

Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I’ offer some tips for dressing up as a Harajuku girl.

There are two main archetypes: the Gothic and the Lolita.

For the Lolita-look dress in white and pink. Wear a wide knee length skirt preferably with ruffles and lace and a blouse with ruffles, lace, and/or bows. Add some while socks and platform shoes. Use white face make-up, pink lips, eyes lined in black, and a lace dollie in the hair or a large bow. Wear your hair in ringlets or a wig with ringlets or a pink wig.

For the Gothic thing think patent leather, buckets, black lace, and net. A wide knee length skirt in black with ruffles and a blouse with ruffles, lace, and/or bows, Knee-socks in black and white stripes, platform shoes, and wear a cross. Black straight-haired wig, mini top hat. Paint your face white, black eye liner, black lips, and a tear painted in black down one cheek.

With either look it is best to carry a cute stuffed animal dressed just like you. Totally kawaii!

You can buy the looks here for gajillion dollars, but with some creativity I know you can create the look on your own. What I have seen recently in Zara and H&M was very Harajuku: ruffles and lace. I am sure other stores will have some of the right things.

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