10 days in Vietnam…

…by the numbers:
motorcycle rides offered: 583
motorcycle rides taken: 0
cyclo rides offered: 58
cyclo rides taken: 1
fender-benders observed: 6
fender-benders observed leading to a fist fight: 1
taxis taken only simply to avoid the hazard of crossing the street: 15
hawkers selling books: 23
books bought: 0
maximum % discount haggled for on souvenirs: 40%
rolls of film taken: 3
children begging for food whilst munching on pickles: 1
begging children munching on pickles given money: 0
handicap/mine victims begging: 4
handicap/mine victims given money: 4
meals eaten in restaurants that can only be referred to “cockroach cafes”: 2
meals eaten in restaurants where the bill amounted to more than the average Vietnamese earns in a month: 3
bowls of pho eaten: 12
cheapest bowl of pho eaten: 12,000 dong (~$.75)
most expensive bowl of pho eaten: 18,000 dong (~$1.15)

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