TokyoShoes update

It has been some time since my last entry. I thank those of you who continued to visit the site and who have offered your support through comments. I appreciate your patience.
There have been many changes in my life, most importantly that I am no longer in Tokyo and have moved back to New York City in April 2004. I had an amazing run in Japan, almost 3 years, with no regrets (other than perhaps not learning to speak Japanese). I am sure my experiences will continue to be important and relevant to me for my life.

I am happy to be back in New York but am missing Tokyo. I have always been and will always be a bit of a Japonophile. My first days back were spent at Japanese restaurants because if felt familiar.

By the way, the picture is me.


12 thoughts on “TokyoShoes update

  1. Hey, welcome back! I was just wondering you’ve discontinued your blog. Anyway, as a big fan of your blog, I hope to see the new site soon. Cheers!

  2. Hi Nadine, welcome back. As a big fan of your site I am truly sad that you left Japan. My story is similar to yours, after almost 18 months I had to return to Prague and now miss Japan so much. It’s an amazing country. Good luck in whatever you do.

  3. Glad to hear you’re back…I’ll miss the Japan pics – but, will be interested to see the new stuff. Your pics, commentary, and sense of humor are all worth it….
    By the way, nice picture!

  4. Well at least we’ll always have the archives. Shame though.
    We’ll see what’s new in Efrog Newydd (New York in Welsh).

  5. Didn’t notice that your eyes are brown. I think you should continue the blog nevertheless. Although it probably wont be very Japanesseee all the time, we’ll still see pics of NYC.

  6. i am so glad to see you back! i’ve really missed reading your blog while you were gone! welcome back!

  7. hi Nadine. I came here by Rob Pongi’s site. I saw you talking about your weblog- tokyoshoes.
    That is awesome you had a great 3 yr run in Tokyo. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  8. hey nadine the first time that i had the chance to view your site i really didn’t know what to exspect but on it was a message saying that you had the ability to get bargains on basketball shoes. i have a very large shoe size (17) and its a hassle trying to get the shoes that i want from department store especially jordans and vintage shoes that i didn’t have the money at the time to purchase. i tried communicating with alot of my asian friends but thier interest aren’t the same as mine. i really would enjoy it and be forever greatful if you could help me with my problem. i also read that you could get kobe’s old kicks and so forth , i really want to have a person that i can go to , to get what im looking for and since you have been their atleast could i get some kind of direction so that if i have to take a visit their i know where to go and what to look for. thank you again for listening to my sob – story about a kid whole only could dream about owning one day the things he always wanted a pair of shoes , hope to hear from you soon .
    once again bye bye and thank you nadine
    sincerely antione smith

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