24 thoughts on “On hiatus

  1. Your effort is enjoyable for viewers. I don’t want to see any porn. But I enjoy coming here and learning about Japanese culture. And I like shoes.
    Nice work.

  2. Nadine,
    I have grown to like your web site since it is entertaining in a way that only YOU can do. (My apologies to the guest bloggers here). Don’t leave what you have so carefully created. I like to be able to contact you. Do come back, please…
    Aunt Chris

  3. Im poor…Please send me money!
    My girlfriend always buys PRADA shoes, so i only have 30USD/month to by food for!
    Please send to:

  4. You’re not back yet? This is totally unfair! WE MISS YOU! Oh, and can you remove that last comment from Anders? it is totally wrong to beg for money in someone’s comment section! Get your own blog and do it there like a proper Geek!

  5. Oh…
    It’s my first time to visit a so nice blog!
    So professional !!
    I am a newbie of Blog,many thing to learn from this one!!
    COOL !!

  6. Reason being

    Why don’t you have any pics of yourself available on here? Good question grasshopper. Aside from my stunning physical beauty, I like to entertain with my words. Most of the time anyway… A max of three people, not including real…

  7. Wow, I like your blog, it looks just like mine used with a blog engine I made… I mean the colors are almost exact (CCCCCC, 990000, 666666) same with layout (MikeBlog.)
    I know you didn’t rip me and I didn’t rip you. Good Job!

  8. I’m studying in Tokyo this summer and I just happen to stmble upon your blog…a diamond in the rough:) Beautiful!

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