Gucci feather dress

I took this photo of a feather dress at Gucci on Omotesando, followed very shortly by…


… “the act of photography is strictly prohibited” gesture. Gagillion yen Gucci kimono for men are on display in the background.


5 thoughts on “Gucci feather dress

  1. Hey Nadine,
    That guy looks like he wouldn’t have minded taking a pic of you too — if only slippery gloved finger could press down on the button and not swoosh off…….

  2. I suspect the sanction for this trespass would have harsher, had the photographer been an otaku-ish japanese male instead of an attractive kinpatsu gaijin gal 🙂

  3. Ahhh I remember now I found you by searching for “feather dress.” I’m glad I searched!!! You’ve got quite an interesting blog. Puts mine to shame!!

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