Brand penetration

In the war of Louis Vuitton versus Prada, who would win?

Well in Japan it’s Vuitton with almost complete penetration of the market. Of Tokyo twenty-somethings, 94.3% own something from Louis Vuitton, but only 57.5% from Prada (Saison Research Institute).

In an article on luxury goods, one young Tokyo-ite offers this explanation as to why the Japanese are brand crazy: “Wearing any kind of brand makes you feel… good.” Oh, that explains it.

Louis Vuitton window display in Omotesando.

6 thoughts on “Brand penetration

  1. This outfit looks like a slip and I don’t care what the fashion is. Great to go to bed in.

  2. My girlfriend is raving about her recent acquisition from the Vuitton Cherry Blossom line.
    She lives in NYC. 😉

  3. Badine, I agree with Hanna. That DOES look like a slip. Tokyo must be a pretty wild place if people actually walk around in stuff like that! What’s next? – boxer shorts in some hot, hip and manly color for the men?
    Had lunch with your mom yesterday…

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