Propaganda: The Making of Roppongi Hills

Yesterday, I walked around the Roppongi Hills complex and visited its museum where About the Making of Roppongi Hills featured this:

The old neighborhood was indeed a bad place, no greenery, narrow streets down which emergency vehicles could not fit, a darn fire hazard, I’d say.


A proposal for “a city that nurtures people with open minds” was put forward and approved by all.


Yippee for the new Roppongi Hills!


2 thoughts on “Propaganda: The Making of Roppongi Hills

  1. fire hazard??? must be those damn wooden structures…just what Japan needs – more glass and steel. Thank goodness they took it to a vote, I’m sure the Japanese were excited to nock out several blocks of the neighborhood to build this monstrosity – of course, I’m sure the political process didn’t allow any of the locals to actually vote. Can’t say I’ve been yet – but, next time I’m in Japan I’ll look forward to visiting such a “modern” world. Gee, “more than 200 shops”…what a novelty.

  2. They left out the “The developer, Mr. Mori, makes everyone an offer they can’t refuse” part.

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