The manner poster

There seems to be signs everywhere telling you this is not allow or that is strictly prohibited. At my subway stations one sign reads, “any behavior that might inconvenience another person is not allowed.” Might inconvenience someone? That kind of covers a lot.
About a year ago the subway authority began a new campaign: the Manner Poster, kicking off with the one below. New posters followed every month or so highlighting bad behaviors to avoid such as don’t put make up on while on the subway.

At the bottom, for the benefit of English speakers, is written: “Good manners are not rules. They are born from consideration and respect for the people around us.”

manner_poster mannerposter

6 thoughts on “The manner poster

  1. There’s been some great manner posters since I’ve been here.
    There were a few that said “Stop za nioi” (stop the smell) and they showed a guy on the train holding a ring and therefore exposing his smelly arm pit directly at some woman about to pass out from the stench.
    There are of course all the posters asking men to stop groping women on the trains. I don’t find it funny except for the fact the many Japanese women admit to a the ironic issue that they don’t want to be groped but they do want to be at least once or else they assume they are not pretty enough.
    One thing I notice of myself is that I’m ultra conscious of that stuff on the trains because I’m gaijin. If a gaijin is acting rude than he’s one of those damn stinky gaijin but then of course the people I see the worst are generally the Japanese. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Japanese person take their backpack off in the train.

  2. The manner posters have been around a while–the poster you show is announcing the 8th annual manner poster competition.
    You should see the ones in Singapore encouraging people to get married and have babies!

  3. I love all the manner posters encouraging PEACE and HOPE and dancing with cute women while your life is cut short smoking! When will they hang the real manner posters about second hand smoke awareness. And maybe reduction of non-recyclable waste. Environmental manners are nice, too!

  4. Some of the Tokyo subway trains have requests not to use mobile phones now..but not all of them. My Japanese colleague told me that it’s very important because some people might have pace makers or medical devices that could be affected by mobile phones. I personally think that’s hooey (like those radiation bibs that Japanese women wear in offices when using computers, puh-leeze!) ..but naughty bilingual gaijin that I am.. I have had to bite my tongue and not scream out (in Japanese) “Agh! My heart! My heart! My pacemaker is killing me! YOU!! YOU with the cell phone, aaaagghhhh!!” when a particularly annoying cell phone conversation is going on in close quarters on the train…

  5. hello
    i liked the stories or facts what so ever it be bou the groping in trains , pls let me know if u have clips of such sort ,, or pics
    pls guide me to know the site where i can see such type of stuff

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