Omotesando wall gallery

View of the Link Link photo wall gallery covering the construction barriers of the Dojunkai Aoyama apartments. Jeansnow has a great photo of the Link Link exhibit here.
I simply cannot look at a boston terrier the same way again after seeing this (Quicktime required).



6 thoughts on “Omotesando wall gallery

  1. Boston terrier? that’s funny, they’re called “bouledogue francais” here in France!

  2. Meenoo…I know the dog you’re referring to as it’s the breed I have always wanted to have if I were to ever get a dog myself: the French bulldog (same in English! 😉 That’s actually a different dog to the one on the Link Link bilboards, a Boston terrier, which is taller and leaner than the bulldog.

  3. I would like to thank everyone involved in bringing that little video to my computer! That was some extremely funny stuff! WOW

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