Hip eats on Omotesando

My colleague and I have a goal: eat lunch at a different restaurant every day. So far we have hit over 40 in the Omotesando area. One stand out is Montoak, a very chic, sofa-filled, three story bar and cafenear Kiddy Land, recently featured in the June issue ofWallpaper*. The outdoor deck on the second floor will provide an excellent view of theLink Link “photo wall gallery” that covers the construction barriers of the Dojunkai Aoyama apartments. (via esthet)

Look for a modern smoky glass exterior; the entrance is around the side.montoak

3 thoughts on “Hip eats on Omotesando

  1. Some restaurants I go to for the food, some for the price, and some, like Montoak, for the atmosphere/decor. The food was fine, good enough, not spectacular. The design of the place more than made up for that for me. You want great food? Go someplace else.

  2. I’ve been wanting to check out that place every since I saw it mentioned in WALLPAPER. I really need to go sometime soon.

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