Pumpkin, one of my mother’s two dachshunds. Later today we will spike his hair into a green Mohawk, but the horns look below is also quite nice.


Check out this piece of dog-related comedic brilliance, Punchie and Pikachu. Quicktime required. Slightly sick and long loading but so worth it.

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin

  1. Hi I came to your blog through Greggman.com… I really like reading Japan blogs and I like yours too… Your mother’s dachshund is really cute! I wish I had one 😀 The Punchie and Pikachu link doesn’t work for some reason..?

  2. Strange. The link to the comic works for me. But, as it is a webpage of 2.6 MB, it takes a while before it is fully loaded.

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