Suburban life

I have just come home to my parent’s in suburbia, USA. I am thrilled to be in a place where cloths come in my size, 2 lb lobsters are purchased in a place called ‘the Lobster Shack,’ and the dogs follow you around demanding their ‘pup-peroni.’ Below is a photo composite of pictures taken with my new Optio S digi, which is just fabulous. Sweet!


5 thoughts on “Suburban life

  1. Um … top right and the bottom two on the right for me, thanks. Looking forward to seeing more from that camera. The middle photograph is your older sister?

  2. I am sure you will enjoy your suburban experience much more than you seemed to have endured your Japanese experience.
    Good luck in the USA.

  3. Are you leaving for good or is this just a temporary visit?
    Would hate to see you leave — your blog is one of the few Tokyo blogs I’ve really enjoyed reading!

  4. No worries, I will be back in Tokyo soon with my acerbic commentary.
    Also, just for the record, there is not that much about my Japanese experience that I need to ‘endure’. I am sure the commenter meant well, but I am surprised that someone might get that impression. I love Japan. I mean I really love Japan. I just like to make fun of it sometimes.
    (note to self: write detailed about section and disclaimer explaining how much and why I love Japan with appropriate caveats about my sense of humor).

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