Earthquake preparedness

As a result of last weeks earthquake (really only a small rumble in Tokyo) I was issued this earthquake survival kit at work: The Ark III  – When it’s up to you to help yourself!

The company added a sticker: “Please do not tear off the film out of curiousity. Use for emergency purpose only.” The young guy who delivered it diligently explained, “this is so you don’t die.” I cannot figure out if he was being totally sarcastic or completely serious.

There was no instant English news to be had. Fortunately, MJ posted a play by play.
A few weeks ago a bigger quake hit while Antipixel was in the tub.


5 thoughts on “Earthquake preparedness

  1. A couple of years ago, we all had a kit under our desks – a silver backpack with a helmet, water, tissues, biscuits, flashlight and rope, plus, for some reason, 5 pairs of white gloves.
    Once in a while, we had to have them checked – I got in a bit of trouble because I had added condoms and a carton of cigarettes.
    (Surprisingly, the kit had no morphine, which could come in handy if you had to do an emergency amputation, like that guy in Colorado… )

  2. I have this exact kit. No one gave it to me; I can be totally paranoid on my own.
    Tokyu Hands sells a variety of emergency kits, one of which is “for the ladies.” Almost everything in it is pink, and it contains totally useless crap (in an emergency) like pink bathroom slippers, a pink hair brush and a red cutesy-wootsy pen light (instead of a decent torch). Whoever buys it is a goner for sure.

  3. I’m surprised it doesn’t contain a radio. The local NPR station here (San Francisco) was hawking a clockwork radio for emergency preparedness during their recent pledge drive.
    It is actually pretty cool. I think they were originally designed for use in Africa.

  4. I recently received at my office an identical backpack as Jim describes. The contents seem to be the same, with the exception of the condoms. I do not know why the backpack contains gloves. Doesn’t matter, they are probably too small for my big hands.

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