Odd yen notes

You don’t see too many of these around.


Wirefarm Jim gave me this 50 yen 50 sen note (=1/2 yen, I think I got gypped!) as a consolation prize after I lost our wager on who was older. Thanks, Jim.


The 2,000 yen note seems to be slowly becoming more common. For a culture that abhors history, it is a (pleasant) surprise to see Japanese currency so traditional.

6 thoughts on “Odd yen notes

  1. The 2000 Yen note, introduced in year 2000, has the disadvantage that it can not be used in vending machines (drinks, beer, cigarettes, train tickets etc.). I’m not sure if they still print new notes, or that the BOJ has only printed them in 2000.
    I have never seen the 50 Yen note before. Is it still allowed to use it?

  2. The upper one is not 50 ‘Yen’ but ‘Sen’. Third Kanji is differenet , you see ? It reads it was delivered in 1941. I think it is not current under the currency system today.

  3. We have just got new ticket machines at the station to take the 2000 yen notes – so maybe they are on the up.

  4. Yamagiwa-san is right – it’s 50 Sen, or half of a yen.
    Can’t use ’em anymore, except in bar bets…

  5. I have just found a 50 sen note cleaning out a house in Massachusetts—It has the same markings and seals only Mount Fuji is the primary image, not a temple
    Any ideas—ever see it before

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