Metropolis mention

Make sure to pick up a copy of this weeks Metropolis magazine where TokyoShoes is featured in an article about blogs and blogging.

The article also features James Luckett of Make sure to check out his CV. Brilliant!

Today’s and yesterday’s photo from Daddy’s restaurant. The “art” was a bit disconcerting to me.


8 thoughts on “Metropolis mention

  1. The picture of the art in Daddy’s resturant needs to be bigger, i can’t see what the pictures are too well…. look like nudes.

  2. “wannabe bloggers” use blogger/blogspot.. that hurt 🙂
    hehe.. anyway, but i agree with you over the interior design of this cafe.. odd.

  3. Congrats on the mention, Nadine.
    I swear. I’ve been to Daddy several times and these pictures wig me out every time. Those drawings aren’t merely nudes, they look like junkies, too. The guy lying on his back has trackmarks, I swear.

  4. Hi Nadine,
    congratulations on the Metropolis article.
    I am surprised to see these pictures on your blog. The nudity does not disturb me, but the fact that you have been able to find them in Tokyo does surprise me. I’m living here almost 2 years now and did not see any nudity at all. Or may be I have been in the wrong environment?

  5. Hello, Nadine. I am in total and complete awe with your fantastic website. Please find the time to teach me all the things you know. Congratulations!

  6. Sweet site… I came here from your BLOG Faq somewhere else… I’m still actually in the act of reading it, to deal with Moveable Type… -sigh-
    Here in Bangkok, no junkie nudes on the walls, just junkie whores on the sidewalks and junkie pimps in the aisles…
    And that’s no Eye Opener at all…

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