Prada again

I can’t seem to get enough of construction sites or high-end brands. And if it is a construction site of a high-end brand’s store all the better. Six floors of total Prada product. My knees quiver.

In other news, my Prada-frock mirror project submission was selected by Leslie Harpold for a gallery themed “try one on.”


5 thoughts on “Prada again

  1. Wow, what a great photo, Nadine! I just gives a tantalising hint as to what we’re going to find inside when the Prada store *finally* opens. For the sake of my wallet, I hope they only stock teeny-tiny little shoes and clothes, so I won’t be horribly tempted to spend inordinate amounts of money!

  2. That is one cool building..great shot!! I would go in and shop there..I most likely wouldn’t buy anything there however..I’d just take photos..discreetly of course.

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