The local

One thing I love in Tokyo is my local izakaya. An izakaya is a casual restaurant similar to a pub or tapas bar, where co-workers go to eat finger food, but generally the focus is more on drinking.

For over a year I didn’t know the name and affectionately called it, “the Local.” It is a homey, comfy place where I can sit alone at the bar and get some solid Japanese fare. Thankfully, there is an English speaker and, while it seems I am the only gaijin ever in there, they have recently brought out an English menu. I practice Japanese with the ever patient owner, Jun-san.

Fish tanks with fugu (blow fish, the poisonous kind eaten as a delicacy in Japan). I call them the little swimming croutons.

Sake bottles line the wall. I drank the hachi-umi-yama brand or eight-sea-mountain.


The meishi map, although note, Toriyoshi is now closed.


4 thoughts on “The local

  1. Great post….the izakaya is an essential part of gaijin living in Japan. As it turns out, my wife loves toriyoshi – so I’ll look forward to seeing you and Tim there next time I’m in Tokyo…by the way, I like the new site – one recommendation – keep the old sumo pic as an option for your banner picture – its a great one! and its part of your branding!!!

  2. Great renewal! wow you’re advancing farther & farther..!
    Btw, the sake is called “Hakkai-san”

  3. Lady, I simply MUST comment on your photographic eye. You post (and take, I presume) some really FINE work.
    Graphic balance, colors that sing and move the eye, rhythmic themes across the viewspace… Wow! I’m REALLY impressed with your website.
    And that IS an Eye Opener… for me, if for no one else!

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