Credit where credit is due

The revamp of TokyoShoes is (almost) complete. Special thank you’s to fellow blogger,MJ, who set me up with an upgrade to MT 2.63, Jeremy for providing the code for the archive drop down boxes, and Lil for offering support all along the way.

A number of sites provided creative inspiration; three well designed stand-outs include AntipixelExposur3, and

Currently there are five new logo images, refresh will display a new one. I plan to add more and periodically include seasonal, limited additions. The revolving image code courtesy ofJavaScript Kit .

I have also added a search function and a category archive. Feedback and comments are always welcome.

Now back to proper blogging!

7 thoughts on “Credit where credit is due

  1. You’re more than welcome, Nadine! Any time I can lend a hand 🙂 I’m thrilled to see you’ve finally finished overhauling the site, and am looking forward to reading your regular updates! A fabulous job all-round!

  2. It looks very chic~
    Very nice indeed!
    Well done!
    (I put a link to your site on my site, hope thats okay ^___^ )

  3. We are so glad the site is working again. How else would we find out what is happening in your life.
    Did you finally go to the doctor?
    A concernd reader

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all your code sources. I was wondering how to use revolving images for my logo. Now I know! Your site is amazing and the way you’ve extended yourself to help other people who are getting started is awesome.

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