No cellphones please

The next in a series… Some time ago I went to a snazzy French restaurant in Ginza for a business lunch. At the next table a sharply dressed business man answered his cell phone. I didn’t think much of it as people are constantly talking on their phones in restaurants in Manhattan, but the waiter went right up to him and told him to turn it off immediately. He stood his ground, didn’t budge until the customer hung up, turned the phone on “manner mode” and put it away. I was shocked. The guy was spending $100 for a lunch and was scolded to turn off his phone.

Girl in restaurant instant messages on her cell phone. Talking is strictly forbidden as it could disturb other customers.


5 thoughts on “No cellphones please

  1. I was quite surprised when I saw ‘no cellphones’ signs at train stations and in trains when I was in Tokyo last October. Where I come from (Singapore), folks yakking loudly on their phones is a common sight and downright annoying. Especially when they start playing around with the 92837493 ring tones in their phones.

  2. I wish they’d do that here in the US. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited England two summers ago to discover that the trains had reserved “quiet cars”, where cellphone usage was banned. The 21st century equivalent of “no smoking” cars.

  3. How about the other guests at the restaurant? I guess they were spending a similar amount of money each. Did they like the guy taking his phone call in the middle of the restaurant?
    My experience in Japan so far is that in such cases the “group” prevails over the “individual”. And thus that the person with his phone hurries off to a quiet corner (or to either end of the shinkansen car) to answer it.

  4. In the olden days of the west we had to check our guns at the door. Lets have them check there cells at the door Jay

  5. I totally agree with that rule… When I go to restaurants (other than fast foods) I always turn off my cellphone. I want to have a nice meal without anyone calling me and I expect other people to do the same.
    I don’t mind phones on public transportation as much but I do avoid to put it on the I’M TOTALLY DEAF mode because it can cause some people to jump (like me) And I’ve seen people let it ring just because they don’t feel like speaking to the person. I also try to keep the conversation to a minimum. I don’t think people care to know that my dog has been sick and threw up everywhere and that my boss is a humhum…

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