Dinner at La Bisboccia

Friday night, I went out for dinner to La Bisboccia, an Italian restaurant in Hiroo. It is the kind of place that is more Italian than Italy but fortunately stops short of Disneyfication like so many restaurants in Tokyo. That said, our Italian waiter was such a caricature I wondered if he was an actor from some other country playing an Italian. They are known for the white truffle pasta and their steak.

A rustic setting with open kitchen.


Fresh food of the day is wheeled out on a cart to your table.



4 thoughts on “Dinner at La Bisboccia

  1. Sounds fantastic, I’ll have to go check this place out. You are now my official guidebook for my list of places to check out in Tokyo. 😉

  2. Wheeling the food out on a cart. Very Japanese. Reminds me of the scene in the classic Sci-Fi Comedy novel: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglass Adams, where they have genetically engineered beef cows to want to be eaten. They wheel the cow out to the table and he procedes to put the sales pitch on the customer as to why the customer should eat him. Kind of a sick twist on the lobster tank marketing ploy.
    Keep up the blog.

  3. UltraBob – so glad you like to hear about the places I go. I’ll keep it up.
    Telephoneman – those fish look like they are saying eat me, right.
    Gen – I found your site for the first time googling Bisboccia and loved it.

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