What is Marketing?

A frequent topic of conversation among me and my friends is my age, specifically my advancing years, and don’t let me wrinkle free face fool you.

Last week I gave a presentation on marketing jobs to a group of 200 bright eyed and bushy tailed exiting Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program participants. I kicked off my presentation with this joke.

During the Q&A a number of these kids asked things like, “I am not sure if you can remember THAT FAR BACK, but when you went to business school…” and “I know you have been doing this FOR A REALLY LONG TIME, what do think has changed since you started?”

It may be that I spend too much time behind the computer, but I am convinced I am coming down with arthritis.

In case you are interested in knowing a bit more about marketing jobs, here is my presentation.

After the presentation I walked through the Sunshine complex in Ikebukuro and past a toy store filled with these Kewpie dolls:


5 thoughts on “What is Marketing?

  1. What a funny joke! Ignore the jibes from the young-uns. They’ll learn when they grow up.

  2. I think this is my fave photo so far on your blog. What a great shade of hot pink!!

  3. Yeah.. but even the best marketing efforts can be sabotaged by “vixens” 😉
    Congrats on your award!

  4. That’s funny, I’m in sales and I’ve always thought that Marketing was the function of lying to large groups of people, while Sales was a function of lying to individuals. j/k

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