Blog party de-brief

The blog party on Friday was a great success. Thank you to my co-organizer, HunkaMike and all the attendees. A number of people asked for additional events so stay tuned for more.
Paul of, has so kindly posted portraits of most to the attendees. Since I worked the door so long I didnt get a chance to talk to everyone and I didnt take one single picture.

6 thoughts on “Blog party de-brief

  1. Nadine,
    It was a great party, thanks for organizing it. It was really great to meet you, although it was much too brief. I’ll definately try to attend the next comedy night at that pizza place. What was it again? … I’ll search through your archives.

  2. Thanks again Nadine for organising that party. A shame I didn’t have a chance to speak with you, nor admire your shoes, (nor take your picture for that matter!!! which thus had to be given to me by
    I hope to meet up soon.
    take care.

  3. Nadine;
    Great site, sorry I couldn’t make the Pink Cow last week. Really hope you’ll make that a regular thing, and promise to “Be There” next time for sure..!! Keep up the good work.

  4. So YOU’re the one that organized it. The outcome was suppa-fantastic. Although I had only heard about the party and the people involed a few hours before it happened, I’m glad I came out and got the chance to meet everyone at the shin-dig.
    P.S. I’m at YahooCafe right now posting this and the computer ‘mouse’ … “squeaks”. I’m wondering if its just bad equipment or if its another lame marketing gimmick. In anycase, I wish the mouse wasn’t so constrained to move the cursor in only 3 of 4 general directions. Oddly enough, the computer brand label is “Faith”; which, ironically, I don’t having very much instilled upon it.

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