Stars who sell out

In the west you may not know about the big Hollywood stars who sell out in Japan. See if you can match the star with the product. I can only assume these stars were paid mucho bucks with iron clad contracts that these ads would never appear in the western world.

A. Schwartzeneggar
B. Kevin Costner
C. Brad Pitt
D. Bruce Willes
E. Ben Stiller
F. Charlize Theron
G. Jodie Foster
F. Ewan Macgregor

1. Gas Station – includes star in bug costume.
2. Rolex.
3. Canned vending machine coffee.
4. Honda – star driving with orange puppet.
5. English language school – this ad is everywhere
6. Rahmen noodles includes spinning bowl and stars spinning head.
7. Canned vending machine water with star speaking dubbed Japanese.
8. Executive Recruiter – star says “be all you can be.”

Answers and links to sites that specialize in stars who sell later this week.

5 thoughts on “Stars who sell out

  1. I’m guessing #5 is Ewan Macgregor; when I was there a few months ago I saw a poster that looked alot like him. I couldn’t read what it was for, but I saw it everywhere.

  2. A. Schwartzeneggar = 6 Ramen
    B. Kevin Costner = 3. ROOTS coffee
    C. Brad Pitt = 2. Rolex
    D. Bruce Willis = 1. Gast Station Eneos
    E. Ben Stiller =
    F. Charlize Theron = 4. Honda
    G. Jodie Foster =
    F. Ewan Macgregor = 5. Aeon
    Hmm…confusing! Ben Stiller has Chu-Hi commercials, right? Brad Pitt, Ewan M, and Kevin C, all did commericals for ROOTS coffee.
    I love these kinds of commericals though… they’re so entertaining. It’s interesting to watch these ‘stars’ in comical commercials!
    (I found your site through a livejournal user)

  3. This is a total guess:
    A. Schwartzeneggar = 2
    B. Kevin Costner = 3
    C. Brad Pitt = 6
    D. Bruce Willes = 7
    E. Ben Stiller = 1
    F. Charlize Theron = 4
    G. Jodie Foster = 8
    F. Ewan Macgregor = 5

  4. The gold star goes to Noriko who got 6 out of 8 right. I believe you are probably right that everyone has done ROOTS commercials. If you had only guessed at the last two you might have got 100%.
    Jennifer you got those two right.
    Andy you scored a 50%. Study up at for the next time. 🙂
    The correct answers are:
    A. Schwartzeneggar – 6. Rahmen noodles
    B. Kevin Costner – 3. Vending machine coffee
    C. Brad Pitt – 2. Rolex
    D. Bruce Willes – 1. Eneos Gas Station
    E. Ben Stiller – 7. Vending machine water
    F. Charlize Theron – 4. Honda
    G. Jodie Foster 8. Executive Recruiter
    F. Ewan Macgregor Aeon Language school (the pun in his name is more than I can handle!)

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