6 thoughts on “Evening view from my window

  1. is your bathroom real tiny? my friend who lived in tokyo said her bathroom was so small it made her have claustrophobia attacks at first and she was so happy to come home to seattle where she could breathe better and stay there as long as she wanted to… send pics of your apt inside?

  2. Wow – check out that apartment across the way – must be just like watching reality TV looking out your window!
    They’d be some serious sun-fading on that furniture there – and little nooky in the living room. (^^)

  3. The “apartment” across the way is actually a store (see my Jan 15 post). Very cool place with the “bedroom” on the top floor. As for my apartment, I live in typical expat/western style housing that is paid for by Tim’s company. I got fullsized bathrooms, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. I live better in Tokyo than I did in NYC! Typical Japanese live in small, unheated apartments with positively no zen aesthetic. Check out the book Tokyo Style which shows how real Japanese live. I’ll post pictures from the inside of my apartment soon plus some scans from Tokyo Style to compare and contrast.

  4. That’s the first actual photo (not “artist’s vision”) I’ve seen of Mori’s new complex in Roppongi. Pretty amazing…

  5. are you by any chance very close to the IDEE store just off Kotto-dori? That view looks awefully similar from their roof…:)

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