New cellphone

Last week I lost my cell phone and took it as the excuse to upgrade to a new one with built in camera. Here it is, in the store, in its entire super-futuristic, pearlized, curvilinear glory.


I was seriously tempted by the pink cotton-candy colored one, but opted for more sophisticated white. A special thank you to “V” for helping me with my recent purchases.

Here is my first photo taken of the seriously embarrassed shop girl who sold me the phone. Unfortunately the protective film was over the lens, which explains the blurriness.


In true Japanese form my lost phone was promptly delivered to the police who have tracked me down and contacted me to pick it up. Where else in the world would that happen?

7 thoughts on “New cellphone

  1. hey nadine,
    lovely site.
    speaking of tiny techy toys, i’ll be coming to tokyo in march and i can’t decide if i should purchase a digital camera before i arrive? Are the prices significantly higher/lower than say $$ in canada, northamerica, for instances? Are there reasonable deals in the tech district of Akihabara?
    thanks so much,

  2. Nadine,
    That blurred photo looks like Michael Jackson! Love your site. I went to high school in Japan and then back again later for three years. It is interesting to see what is the same and what changed. Will be a fan of your site I’m sure. Found out about your site on Hunkabutta.
    O Genki de

  3. Hello milan and Bob,
    Thank you for your comments on Tokyoshoes. I am glad you have liked the site so far,
    I recommend that you buy a digital camera at home. Prices in Japan are much higher (go figure?), plus most of the people who work in the stores don’t speak English and/or are totally clueless. Also, the instruction manuals are not always in English.
    If you want to know why prices in Japan are so damn high see:

  4. Hi Nadine,
    Omedeto on your phone! You’ll quickly learn how addicting it is…I’m already fantasizing about my next upgrade…I want a flash now.
    When we meet up next, we’ll take pics of each other taking pics of each other : )

  5. Nadine,
    thanks so much for the reply and the headsup on the digital camera info. i suspected the english manuals might be a problem. plus i think the advtg of purchasing it here is that i have more play time with the gizmo, hehe.
    tooodles 🙂

  6. hi. just found the comment about your lost cell phone being returned amusing. my parents and brother live in tokyo for a 3yr thing with my dad’s job. mum told me a time when my brother had left his jacket at a nearby park and 2 days later they went searching for it. it wasn’t on the ground or on any park bench. BUT, it was neatly folded over the railing to the entrance – they walked right past it. so, to just say it again, where else but in japan would someone be so honest and courteous.
    although one bummer is that mum took that new found security in japanese people a little too seriously. one day she rode her bike to the train stop of Shinagawa, forgot to lock her bike and when she returned from Asakusa later that day, the bike was gone. She went to the nearest Koban and filed a report, but unfortunately, 2 months later, theres no bike. *shrug*
    we’re aussie too, I’m getting the dift that you are also cuz of attending that aussie ball. I’d love to talk to you more about your experience living in japan and also where you have found outlets and places that remind you of ‘home.’

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