Tokyo bloggers unite

Last night I went to a MovableType users meeting and met not only the creators of MT, but also the people behind 3 popular Tokyo-based blogs:

  • Hunkabutta – a stranger’s life in pictures, some of the best photography I’ve seen.
  • Antipixel – free of the drudgery of being useful, well designed and well written.
  • TokyoTidbits -One women One cell phone Many angles, great concept, she posts pictures taken with her cell phone.

Yesterday I took this photo  on the subway (Yamanote line). A guy wears a “Bozo the clown” hat.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo bloggers unite

  1. As my landlady helps to market something called the Eroscillator ( seemed totally appropriate to post the information here just in case anyone might be able to recommend them to one of these places and get my rent down as well as make a lot of ladies familiar with Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s latest gadget. I think its to do with the motion of the ocean!

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